It's important to achieve dreams and goals but it is probably more important to hold on to them throughout the turmoil of life.  My feet are still about an inch off the ground still as I  get into this wonderful road machine.

A very long time ago when I was in my twenties around 1976, as a starving classical musician I made a down payment on the car I most coveted, the pinnacle of all my hot rodding, Ford GT MK IV Le Mans road racing youthful dreams, this  stunning Pantera. I had written the music soundtrack to an award winning documentary "The Bountiful Harvest of Steinbeck Country" so I had a little cash, (a rare occasion as you can imagine, for instance, how many classic guitar concerts have YOU been to lately?)  and rather than letting the cash dribble away with nothing to show for it, I bought the Pantera and after many years of $175 payments per mo. the car was finally free & clear.


For more information on the Pantera search for POCA and Pantera International, the car clubs here in the states.  If you have a curiosity about my odd concerts/music, see: www.Tomingas.com or YouTube.com/MusicbyTomingas 

Photo of the Tetons by Tom Frazey