The "Company Car"

This "Company Car" video reminds me of when I was working for the legendary Gary Kildall and his company, Digital Research Inc. In the early days of his success, he bought himself a Corvette under the company so technically, it was the "company car". The employees thought it was great. So when I came to work there, I had my 73 Pantera and they were always calling me to go pick up some VIP in the "new Company Car", my Pantera! Gary had a great collection, Mangusta, two LP 4x4's and a couple of Countach's, stunt planes, motorcycles. He was truly a brilliant engineer (unlike Jobs & Gates who were salesmen) and terrific guy who was having a lot of fun with his money (invented the small PC operating system, CD readers etc) died way too young. Gary used to call me while I was at work to come down and look at some Pantera he was interested in buying, he owned the company but it was still kind of a conflict of interest, so I would sneak out of work and go over the car with him, fun, we never got caught!

Candy De Tomaso Pantera Factory Gruppo 4

CANDY the race car with lineage that goes back to the De Tomaso Factory which built racers by special order for clients.  This car was competing and winning it's class in the historic races at Spa.  Incredibly, this car was STOLEN from the owners workshop!  He's tracked the thief down but still can't find the car. There are some miserable, geedy and ruthless people who think nothing of destroying another person's great joy.

Here's the Facebook page: Candy De Tomaso Pantera Factory Gruppo 4 

Michael Erlich (CH) in a DeTomaso Pantera Group IV

Devastating the other single purpose built race cars by passing them at the Classic Endurance Racing in Spa Francorchamps in 2010.  Note that he changed his mind about passing the black car and went in behind it, the black car came in too hot and went in the grass, great judgement. Love the part where he leaves rubber exiting a corner.