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Custom builds of AWD Expedition Vans with superior highway handling compared to other 4x4's.  Contact the

Full moon at 3 AM on the Matenuska River Alaska
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Photo Journal
Midnight Sunset in the Yukon
Midnight in VanGogh
2 AM in the Yukon
Glacial outflow
Yukon near the AlCan Highway
Van Gogh by VanTrek
Stewart BC
Banf National Park BC
Matenuska River
Alaska to Canada
Toad River
The Road
Portage Ranch Alaska
Carrizo Plain, CA
Poppy Bloom in CA
Carrizo Plain, CA
Carrizo Plain, CA
Carrizo Plain, CA
Carrizo Valley, CA
La La Land
St George (1)
Echo UT
Fisher Spires, UT
Snake River Canyon WY
Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole WY
Gros Ventre Mountains WY
VanTrek Feb 2017 Bumper
Jackson Hole WY
Hoback Cyn, WY
VanGogh Hoback Cyn
VanTrek 4wd

What to do? Maybe this to do. 

Perhaps too due? Is this true for you too?

Breakfast on the Road Bob Tomingas.jpg

Our Father, Bob Tomingas built a car with hand tools when he was an early teen. Ford motor, Chevy transmission and a truck rear axle.  Holes were made by hand, splines created with a hand file. 


One of his many clever fixes was a Ford Model T.  The valve springs had lost their temper from over heating and couldn't close the valves.  He fixed it with a piece of bailing wire.  Can you figure out how? Many people used the word genius to describe Bob's ability with mechanical things.  Thinking out of the box was essential.

When working as an embedded networking systems engineer, I found his problem solving methods were my primary tool set. I believe if you are talented at something, it's likely that your insight to problem solving has been handed down through the generations.  For instance, if your great, great, whatever was a ship builder or quilter, you probably can organize spatial items easily and are therefore "talented".

My brother and I built the first Hot Rod in the little town of Jackson Hole Wyoming as teens, customized the early flathead sportster

Like our father, we were known to be able to make anything run.  I went on to have a dual career of computer engineering and classical guitar. My brother gained a psychology degree and enough credits for a few other things like a Law degree, Zoology degree etc.  But then he wound up with a fleet of ocean going research ships in Alaska, go figure.


Byron's other ride: DeTomaso Pantera

Byron's other fanaticism: 





Henry's other ride:

Henry's other fanaticism:  Portage Ranch


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