• Plenty of space inside for living area, bed & storage, one way windows

  • Plenty of space on top without feeling top heavy

  • Stability for Interstate Highway speeds, winding high speed roads, skids

  • Versatile Interior Temperature/ventilation control

  • Outstanding snow, ice & mud performance -

    • must be able to have one side of vehicle in deep soft snow and the other tires on ice and simply drive away, many 4x4's will fail this test because they lack a limited slip differential or traction control like "Stabilitrak" on GM products.

    • A second test is a very steep icy mountain pass where the rear wheels do not spin out on this Van but many vehicles do

  • Good off road capabilities, 4 wheel drive, high ground clearance but not to the determent of great road handling. Van Gogh is within an inch of of a Chevrolet Tahoe ground clearance

  • Easy to drive and park on narrow, busy streets

  • Loads of horsepower for any altitude, incline, weight or trailer load

  • Good gas mileage (always a trade off for power) 17-20 mpg target

  • Long use life, 300,000 miles or more, industrial strength

  • Safe!  Front end collisions, side impacts, roll over resistance, skid control

  • Long Range Fuel Tank: 400+ miles to a tank & any gas tolerance

  • Two separate rooms required as I am a noisy sleeper, hence the TentHouse top so a hightop van wouldn't do as that would be a single room, with the tent top, this is a two room place and it sets up in 15 minutes, weighs in at 140 lbs on an aluminum roof rack.

SOLUTION: OEM Factory Designed, Built & Tested ALL WHEEL DRIVE Full Size Industrial Grade Passenger Van  (mini-vans are too low to the ground and too fragile, built like a light car with minimal load & impact capacity)


  • Heavy Built Aluminum Bull Bar front bumper structurally strong, not cosmetic with Fog lights, winch & tow receiver

  • All Aluminum roof rack with ladder to keep roof weight down

  • High end comfortable Seat/Bed with second bedroom on roof (popup rooftop tent)

  • 5.3 V8 with 360 hp at about 17 mpg

  • Passenger Vans have side air bags, are fully finished & insulated

  • Industrial Vans are built for heavy loads, towing and long delivery life

  • Solar power for charging battery that powers the refrigerator and lighting

  • Secured Storage Containers