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Paula Tomingas Donner 1909-

(2st row -right most at 92)

Clever Paula. always thinking up mischief to get her younger sisters into like the moonlight ride naked. Anne "That wasn't ME! It was Sadie!"  Sadie "NOT ME, I was too little and I was mad  because I didn't get to go!"

Last Quote: "I wonder what they are doing? - Sadie, Art & Rob" one day before she found out.


Art (Arturo) 1910-


Very handsome, very strong, very smart and very stubborn with a great sense of humor and very good to everyone he knew. The eldest of the eight children.

Last Quote: "Got Damn, that's enough!"

Art in the Army.jpg

Anne Tomingas, Griffith, Barone


Sweet hearted Anne,

Last Quote: "It's terrible to loose your children before it's your turn"


Bob (Scrob)


Exceptional gifted; very handsome. very athletic and strong but unquestionably possessing a brilliant mind.

Last Quote: "My dad used to say 'Vara ma pista' when things got real bad, it mean Toes Up - your better off dead"

Robert John Tomingas.jpg

Sadie Tomingas Gourley

Some people just sparkle, that was Sadie. She and Bob were similar in age and both very gifted.

Last Quote: "I was always too little for the fun stuff!"


Arnold (Arno)


Strong and handsome, but more steady on and didn't go to the extremes that Art and Bob pursued in all things.

Last Quote: "Turkey in the STRAW!"


Henry (Chick)


The most relaxed and easy going but also possessing high intelligence, great athleticism, and humor.  He had the best easy going smile that said "everything is good".His son Steve inherited that great smile.

Last Quote: "Oh, than't alright then."


Donna Tomingas Resnicek


Much younger than her siblings, most of them had left the farm by the time she was born and I don't know nearly enough about her.

Last Quote: "I wish I would have known my brothers and sisters better but I was born too late"

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